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An annual boiler service is essential for keeping your home heating system running smoothly and safely and is a requirement for your manufacturer’s warranty.

Those with regularly serviced or relatively new heating systems can relax in the warmth and wait for any cold spells to pass. Whilst those with ageing systems, cross their fingers and hope for “One more winter” from their boiler.

Gasway are able to service all boiler types including Gas, LPG & Oil. 

Maximise your chances of avoiding expensive breakdowns by contacting the Gasway team today and booking your annual boiler service.

Regular preventative maintenance not only keeps your boiler running efficiently and helps keep your energy bills low, but also ensures a safe level of operation.

All of Gasway’s gas engineers are qualified and registered on the Gas Safe website.

You may have already noticed inefficiencies with your boiler such as, hot water not as hot as it should be or pressure falling below the recommended setting and a service can also help to rectify these.


To get complete peace of mind over your home heating system and avoid costly repairs in future, why not speak to one of our team about Gasway’s cover plans.

Starting at £17.99 a month, it also includes a free of charge annual service and safety check.

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